About the Creative Advisor

       When I first saw Gary at a grocery store, what caught my attention was his high-end clothing. My first impression: What a wild look. I didn’t want to assume who this man was, so I talked to him. It turns out that he, the man wearing all these expensive clothing, is a homeless bum. However, unlike most homeless bums, Gary still has life to him, driven. His eyes are what stood out, a feral look, untamed, uncaged, wild. People could tell that this man is true to his nature, with no plastic facade, just skin and bone covering a deep layer of intuition.

       After many months knowing each other, he invited me to camp for a few days where he lived for over 4 years out in the woods, as a sign of respect and trust. We would talk about art, music, and philosophy. We would talk for hours about his book, and I would notice from his peculiar writing that he is a very intelligent man, a creative genius. His philosophy in the book vivified and sharpened me; he put all the pieces together into words that spoke the truth which people are too rushed to notice, that they only “see what’s in front of them, and not the space between”. He told me his frustration with the status quo, how people want to “delude themselves with images of iconic figures”, to “worship status labels and invented spirits” because they know, just as you and I know, that underneath all that plastic is mediocrity.

       After reading through the novel, and realizing, with it’s original format and unembellished, true-to-life philosophy that this Author was onto something new and exciting, I started working with the Author, him the King Bum and me the Creative Advisor. I’m currently marketing him online, giving my personal views on the book and some ideas how to convey his message to a younger audience but yet contain the level of aged wisdom. I am passionately helping the Author spread the words of the book’s original format. I believe this book will change modern literature with every character in the book having specifically colored and styled fonts that not only make for an easier and visually stimulating read, but which also provide an opportunity for deeper character development. Sin Begets Sin is a wild metafictional book, the FIRST of it’s kind that WILL change modern literature. Do you agree?

Changing Modern Fashion
Changing Modern Fashion








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