I do not know how the entire story goes because I was not there,
am not a woman, and the lengthy anecdote is not finished,
but here is what I remember about what I read with my own insertions.

The oddball artist/dancer, Vali, originally from the island-continent Australia,
a woman with a lithe physique and a face tattooed with the moustachioed mask of Maori warriors,
made a statement to an industrialist at a party, someone trying to impress her, in several ways.
As men interested in women will,
he bragged like a bower bird flaunting his nest, a gigantic skyscraper, a huge erection it was.
“You should see my skyscraper, it’s really something!”

Now, Vali was by then married to an Italian gypsy wanderer,
and slept with her fox
that would never be a dog, wiry and smart they are, in unimpressed property untamed,
and said in perfect response, “You should see my canyon, it’s really something”
as only a sexual woman could.