You are probably asking yourself, “Why should I read this book by an unknown writer who does not bother to put his name on the cover?”

       It is a reasonable question. Here’s one back at you: “How many memorable books of fiction have you read in your entire life?” I am not talking about the dreary and dated classics you were forced to read as a student, which you recall only as slogs you managed to make it through for a grade; or the short novels that impacted adolescent you only because they depicted issues which you were dealing with at the time; nor those which coddled you with their banal familiarity and edification. No, not those. This. You will never forget this novel, not because of its original format, not entirely, at least. You will remember, as in any other worthwhile book or film, select scenes and the entirety of the threaded storyline when it comes together for you, that is, if you read it.

       A mouse click or tap away from you is the novel which nobody else bothered to write before I did because they were very busy following the precept of write what you know (stay inside your safety zone). I must have missed hearing this sage advice. I wrote what I couldn’t find on the shelves, what never existed before visually and narratively, what I was inspired to write from both my frustration with the status quo and because of my impulsive and open-minded nature.

       The writer is a 66 y/o unpublished homeless bum who lives in a tent 25 miles north of Seattle, WA, as he has for 4+ years. Most of the content was jotted-down in the middle of the night and transcribed at the Public Library onto flash-drives before being converted onto ebook, much of it written with little alteration straight from the source. This colorful ebook was written for You, the real you, the venal you and the righteous few. I know you are there somewhere beneath the veneer and the posturing. Hello. Buy the book. Help the homeless. Change your life.

Gary Nelson, Lynnwood, WA 6-15-16

Sin Begets Sin


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Sin Begets Sin ebook, the colorful novel that will change modern literature.
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